Beauty Charger - Hello Wrinkles ®
Premium electrolytes + collagen + Q10

There is no magical way to stop the signs of the times.

Of the The magic lies in accepting the journey and daily with instead of against
our skin to work.

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Water is the elixir of life for beautiful skin. It is all the more important to quench your skin's thirst from the inside and to stimulate the metabolism so that it remains active.

Our goal is to celebrate healthy skin instead of being obsessed with youth and to optimally moisturize it with essential nutrients so that it is strengthened from the inside out. So outshone
our skin always and everywhere all signs of the times.

Product description

Hello Wrinkles ® are a new generation of potent formulated electrolytes. A combination of essential minerals, highly effective collagen peptides and Q10 antioxidants. A daily booster that transports water deep into the skin, replenishes long-lasting moisture depots and stimulates the cell metabolism so that 'drinking enough water every day' can also be felt and seen in the upper layers of the skin.

Packaging Unit:

One pack contains a monthly ration with 30 individual sachets each.

Daily dose:

Fill your beVIVID bottle with 1 bag of Hello Wrinkels ® every day, fill it with 400ml of water and shake it well before drinking.


But why electrolytes? What exactly are they and what do they do again with the skin?

Electrolytes ensure that the body is vital and fit. They are special minerals that, when combined with water, generate an electrical charge. Like a moisture manager, they distribute, control and regulate the fluid and acid-base balance.

Electrolytes create an inner balance through their ingenious distribution system, fill the water deposits with moisture and also stimulate the cell metabolism, so that the skin barrier is strengthened and the skin looks plumper. So your superpower is called "hydration"!

With their charged energy, electrolytes also help other ingredients, such as the vitamins from our food, to be even better absorbed by the skin.

What's in the electrolyte?

Hello Wrinkles ® were formulated in pure form and supplemented with highly effective collagen and Q10. Without any frills, we left out sugar, natural and artificial sweeteners, as well as flavors and other undesirable additives.


potassium - responsible for the fluid content
magnesium - important for the energy supply of the cells
sodium - regulates the body's water balance

chloride - responsible for water distribution in the body spaces
Calcium - redirects nerve impulses into muscle activity and has anti-inflammatory effects

Collagen peptides - Stimulates the collagen metabolism of the cells and helps the skin retain its elasticity

Q10 antioxidants - Protect and strengthen the skin from free radicals


What exactly can you do and where is my benefit?


Electrolytes help our skin provide it with the right amount of moisture
to supply. Your main tasks are the water balance and the
Distribution of fluids in our bodies control and metabolism
to activate. This will make dry and flaky spots disappear, ours
Moisture deposits are replenished and our facial skin becomes
plump and bright again.

  • Electrolytes help to channel water deeply and for a long time into the skin, replenish moisture deposits and restore balance: the complexion looks plump, more beautiful and well-groomed.
  • Electrolytes also help other ingredients such as vitamins to be better absorbed in order to stay fit and full of energy
  • Every skin type loves electrolytes - because an intact moisture balance is the basis of all healthy and radiant skin!

Which active ingredients exactly help my skin?

When Sandra Nassima, the founder of Depuravita, and I met at a beauty event in Paris, we quickly shared the mindset of looking at skin care from the inside out. In the following conversations, we kept sharing our favorites and favorite products with enthusiasm. It quickly became clear to us that, despite the endlessly filled beauty shelves, we still couldn't find a heartfelt desire - a water depot manager who, like a magnet, helps our skin to deposit and store the moisture of the obligatory 8 glasses of water a day exactly where we are they want to have. Quasi one with which the words 'drink enough water' would not only be noticeable, but also become clearly more visible in the upper layers of the skin.

15 months later we can both proudly say - we did it together! We have implemented what we hardly dared to dream of in Paris at the beginning of March 2020 - a Hello Wrinkles ® Beauty Charger ®.

In collaboration, a new formulation of natural electrolytes was created to increase the effectiveness of daily water drinking. With the aim of supporting the skin in such a way that it gets its first moisturizing care from the inside out, we have also added highly effective collagen and powerful Q10 to the recipe to support the complexion in making it look healthy, well-moisturized and plumped.