Drink, drink, drink! This mantra is considered the standard well-intentioned beauty advice.
But why is thirst-quenching water the answer to the ultimate beauty boost?

Finally clear skin


This tip should be obvious to everyone! Water is the basic building block for healthy skin cells, as the body consists of about 60-70% water. Drinking plenty of water helps to make the skin more elastic from the inside. It prevents dehydration and flushes toxins from the body. It also cleanses and hydrates the skin and clears the pores of dirt and clogs. It can also prevent a wrinkle or two. The result: a clean, clear and fresh complexion.

Naturally beautiful nails


Brittle nails that break often? This may be a sign of dehydration. Who wants strong nails, should therefore drink a lot. This promotes growth and prevents thin nails with a dry, cracked cuticle. Drinking plenty of fluids will make nails healthier and shinier.

Easily lose weight


No sugar, no fat, no calories - unlike sugary drinks, water is considered the weight loss miracle out of the bottle! But why does it help shed excess pounds? Water boosts the metabolism and thus ensures that more calories are burned. At the same time, water makes you feel fuller and reduces hunger.

Caution: But this only works with still water, which is not carbonated.

Why? Let's explain here: Why STILL WATER IS MORE HEALTHY


Shiny dream mane


Do you have dull and brittle hair? Yup, the hair is also an indicator of whether you are shiny or not. Hard to believe but also here helps to drink more! Already after a short time the difference should be visible. Because water hydrates all body cells. The hair root also needs a lot of nutrients, moisture and vitamins to divide. If the body receives too little, the water is stored for vital organs - and does not supply it to the hair. And so the hair becomes dull and brittle.

Success recipe for firm skin


Drinking instead of creams? Does that work? Absolutely! If the body lacks fluids, the first thing you see is the skin: It becomes rough, flaky, gets first wrinkles and tightens. Drinking plenty of fluids reduces the formation of wrinkles. But how? Water fills the cells of the body, which bulge and press against the skin. This makes the skin firmer and tighter. Another reason is: wrinkles are particularly visible in a dry, sallow complexion. Well then, cheers!

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