I believe anyone can easily learn healthy hydration habits!

I believe anyone can easily learn healthy hydration habits!
Thank you for visiting. I am Lisa, the founder of beVIVID, and drinking enough water was something I was not always good at. Not at all. The mere thought of being responsible for drinking up 10 glasses of water a day felt overwhelming, unachievable and I so I gave in to not being a very vivid water drinker. Well, at least until work and wanderlust had led me to live in China for a while.
Inspired by the rich traditions and rituals I learnt there my view on health and beauty began to change rapidly. Especially after meeting my dear friend Pan Yi, an enthusiast on Traditional Chinese Medicine and well-being. She patiently taught me to cultivate hydration as a small act of self-care by adopting the habit of always having my water in reach, sipping on repeat every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day. This tiny shift in the way I drank was a complete game changer on the amount of water intake and since has become my 101 for healthy hydration habits.
And whilst working on mastering the art of hydration, I got a bit obsessed with the thought of having a perfect bottle. A bottle I would actually enjoy reaching for. One that would really motivate me to drink and finally stay on top of my water intake, making ‚taking a sip‘ fun.
By creating beVIVID I made my version of a perfect bottle. A super cute, leak proof (!), dishwasher-safe,  lightweight glass and toxin free hydration motivator. And if you think being hung up on a water bottle sounds crazy, I  totally understand, but it is only because you have not tried us yet. Drinking water from a bottle you love feels like morning coffee in your favorite cup.
beVIVID and enjoy your best hydrated self ever.
Lisa xo
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