Why is water so important?


Why beVIVID?


It is important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for great skin and a healthy body. But we often don't really succeed every day. beVIVID would like to motivate you to consciously influence your water ritual and to support you in reaching your personal water goal every day.

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Why is water so important?


Water is our elixir of life and the basis of beautiful skin and a healthy body. Dehydrated skin often looks tired and limp. The resilience and vitality of your skin largely depends on a sufficient and permanent supply of water and makes water, in combination with the right care, your Beauty Essential No 1.


How Much Water Should I Drink and Can Water Really Help Me?


Preferably 10 glasses of water a day - every day! If we drink more often and in small amounts, our bodies can store the water better. beVIVID is the ideal arm's length to take your sip of water and makes it easier for you to achieve your water goal every day.

Did you know that our brain is made up of around 75% water? The brain cells need a balanced water balance in order to be able to perform their functions properly. I.e. If we drink enough water throughout the day, it becomes more efficient and less tired.



Which color is right for me?


Difficult question - life is colorful. Many of our customers start with a color and then have one for every mood.




More details please. How and where are the beVIVID bottles made?


Is my beVIVID bottle free from toxins?


Yes. beVIVID bottles are made free of toxic ingredients. Only SGS and FDA approved materials are used. Our bottles are also 100% BPA and phthalates free.


What does SGS and FDA approved mean?


This means that the materials we use comply with SGS and FDA guidelines for consumer safety.


What material are beVIVID bottles made of?


Our beVIVID bottles are made exclusively from borosilicate glass and made by hand. Borosilicate glass is light and durable, making it the ideal material for our bottle. A beVIVID bottle weighs approx. 270g. Since every single beVIVID bottle is blown and manufactured by hand, there may be deviations of up to plus / minus 5g.


Why Glass?


Glass is smart. Glass is tasteless, aesthetically pleasing, non-toxic and much more beautiful than plastic. It is infinitely recyclable and healthier for our body. For this reason, our favorite restaurants serve water from beautiful glasses and carafes.


How are the beVIVID bottles made?


We make sure that our beVIVID bottles are produced responsibly and ethically by our production partner. An ethically correct production is a matter close to our hearts.


How do the beVIVID bottles get to Germany?


A CO2-friendly DNA is just as important to us as a reasonable production. For this reason, our bottles are transported as CO2-friendly as possible by train along the modern Seiden-Strasse to our warehouse. From there, the bottles will come to you via DHL GOGREEN.

Did you already know that the almost forgotten rail transport is one of the most environmentally friendly types of intercontinental logistics?


What is BPA and is it really dangerous?


Bisphenol A (BPA) is a hormonally active chemical that has been shown to make us sick. Many studies have found that BPA increases the risk of cancer, promotes cardiovascular disease and promotes type 2 diabetes, as well as overweight and obesity. You don't really want to drink that.

Many manufacturers are now using BPA replacement chemicals. We remain skeptical, however, because we do not yet know whether and how negative these new chemicals will affect us.

For this reason, beVIVID bottles are and will remain free of BPA and BPA substitute chemicals.



Why do beVIVID bottles have a silicone sleeve?


We love our bottles and want to protect them as best as possible. beVIVID covers make the glass a little more resistant and give you a gentle, secure grip. The cover increases the protection of your glass, but does not make it unbreakable - PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE

Important ** Protects your case from long exposure to direct sunlight **


Is my beVIVID bottle really leak-proof?


Yes. It is really 100% leak-proof so that it can accompany you anywhere and anytime.


Where are the beVIVID bottles made?


beVIVID bottles are manufactured in China by well-selected production partners. I take on this task personally because that is very important to me. China has a fascinating, millennia-old tradition of glass production. I lived there myself for a while and was very inspired by the country, the culture and the people. I am very grateful for this experience.


Are the beVIVID bottles recyclable?


Yes, beVIVID bottles are 100% recyclable.




Handling and maintenance


How do I properly care for my beVIVID bottle?


Please clean your beVIVID bottle with soapy water, in the upper compartment of the dishwasher or with our beVIVID cleaning beads. The silicone cover does not have to be removed for cleaning. We recommend not closing your bottle during storage and storing the lid separately.



Can my beVIVID bottle break?


Yes. beVIVID bottles are made of glass and glass can break if handled carelessly.

We are sure that you will love your new beVIVID bottle. So we know that you take good care of them. Should you still have a mishap, please see: mybottlebroke@bevivid.shop to contact us.

Children should only use our beVIVID bottles under supervision or with the consent of their parents.



Help, my bottle is broken!


We are convinced that you will love your new beVIVID bottle as much as we do. Should you still have a mishap and break your new beVIVID bottle, send us an email. The glass can be exchanged very easily. Please keep your silicone cover and your lid and write us what you like about beVIVID, how it broke and attach a picture of the broken bottle and your proof of purchase to this email. Send the whole thing to: mybottlebroke@beVIVID.shop

Unfortunately, we cannot say it enough - please do not fill beVIVID bottles with carbonated drinks.

We are working on the future. Here you can see what will hopefully soon become the standard for glass: a Video - looking to the future.


Can I fill my beVIVID bottle with carbonated drinks?


No, the bottle is NOT suitable for carbonated drinks! Carbon dioxide gasses out of the drink and will burst the bottle. That would be a shame and it would break our hearts.



How can I change the sleeve?


The bottle does not have to be pulled out for daily cleaning. Your favorite bottle can be cleaned with its sleeve in the dishwasher or by hand. If you still have the feeling that she needs a little spring cleaning, then the sleeve can simply be pulled off and on from the bottle.

We have prepared a short guide and a Video for you here.

We have prepared another simple guide and a Video for you here.






Alternative variant (especially 'crushed' design)




Can I freeze my beVIVID bottle or put it in the microwave?



No. Glass does not like extreme and sudden temperature fluctuations and can splinter if there are extreme temperature differences. You can easily fill your beVIVID bottle with cold and warm drinks at room temperature.



Welche Getränke kann ich in meine beVIVID Flasche füllen?


beVIVID is best suited for still water, "infused water" creations, delicious smoothies and tea, as well as all other cold and warm drinks that do not contain carbon dioxide.

We try out new water creations almost every day and are happy to share them with you. For recipes, ideas or inspiration to refine your daily water ritual, please write to us at water@bevivid.shop. We look forward to hearing from you.