One thing is clear: Drinking water is healthy! However, water is not equal to water. Some like it quiet, the other prefer really nice bubbly. The offers are very diverse. But one question remains: Which is healthier - sparkling water or still water?

Drinking water is healthy...

... and important for the body. It provides fluid, fills the stomach and thus also regulates the feeling of satiety, because hunger is often confused with thirst. If too little is drunk, the lack of liquid makes itself felt with headaches, nausea, weakness and circulation problems. In addition, enough water is also important for the metabolic and excretory processes. Recommended are 2-3 liters per day.

Ahoy, bubble water!

When bubbly water is drunk the following happens: The carbonic acid provides an enhanced taste experience. In addition, the oral mucosa is better supplied with blood and the flow of saliva is stimulated. Digestion is also activated when drinking, as a lot of air enters the stomach. This can lead not only to flatulence, but also a feeling of fullness and belching can be the result. Danish scientists at the University of Copenhagen have found that carbonated water also makes you hungry, though? How so? Responsible is a hormone called orexin, which is triggered by CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the water and animates to become hungry. That is: The more carbonated water is drunk, the greater the feeling of hunger and it can come to cravings. But: sparkling water has of course no more calories than the still.


The best thirst quencher


Not for nothing is it recommended to drink still water. It contains only 0 to 300 milligrams of carbon dioxide per liter, making it ideal not only for those with sensitive stomachs. Still water also produces no feeling of fullness and is therefore particularly recommended for nights or during sports. So it is not only on hot days the ideal thirst quencher! Although sparkling water is considered the most purchased mineral water in Germany, but still water is slowly catching up.

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