Why is water so important to us anyway?

This is exactly the topic Karoline Herr deals with on her blogazine Frollein Herr.
With her guide for skin, hair and brain, Karo gives hard facts why drinking is so important for us and how we can optimize our drinking behavior.
In addition, she refreshes our basic knowledge about water and gives tips from the pros.


With beVIVID as her daily companion, Karo has managed to optimize her drinking habits, finding a practical, hygienic and pretty alternative to disposable plastic bottles.
If you'd like to learn more about water and how Karo is now drinking better sustainably with our bottles, feel free to check out here on her blog.

About Karo

Karoline Herr is the founder of Frollein Herr - the new blogazine all about fashion, beauty and interiors.
From news, reviews, columns, interviews and trend reports, it's all here. Karo takes us with her passion and her professional expertise into the world of Frollein Herr and always offers us great and inspiring content.

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